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    [[Rockaway Elementary School | Rockaway Elementary]]
    [[Rockaway Middle School | Rockaway Middle]]
    [[Rockaway High School | Rockaway High]]

    Rockaway, California



    Town Statistics



    Annual Rainfall: 



    Elevation:& …

  • Johnson family

    Kartika Mendes Johnson

    Lam family

    Donald Lam

    Pretty handsome — Andrea’s and Melissa’s friends …

  • Ramirez family

    William Ramirez

    Cynthia Lopez

    Rockaway High Whirlwind

    HEAD COACH: Patricia (Pat) x


    CAPTAIN:[[:annie-fisher | Annie Fisher]]

    SENIORS: Heather x, Amber x, Lindsey x, Brandi x

    JUNIORS: [[:nancy | Ashley Lewis]], [[:bonnie | …

  • Rockaway High Sharks

    HEAD COACH: Dick x


    CAPTAIN: [[:jason-johnson | JJ]] (QB)

    FIRST-STRING: [[Ramirez family | Anthony Ramirez]] (), Tim x, Scott x, Kyle x, Josh x, Juan x, Patrick x, Bradley x, Chad x, Shawn …

  • Annie Fisher

    *Physical Description:* Annie is 5'6", lithe and toned from how much time she spends at cheer practice and competitions and working out when she's not with the squad. She's rarely seen without her blonde hair in a tight high ponytail, swinging from side …

  • Brittany Ramirez

    Brittany is very, very smart. She's pragmatic and realistic, and not easy to read; it takes her a long time to get comfortable with people, and she doesn't even totally trust the girls she's been friends with since childhood. She knows she's going to …

  • Melissa Lam

    Melissa is deeply insecure and relies on her friendships with Annie, Ashley, and Brittany to feel like she's worth something. Her self-worth comes from her clique and from cheer, especially because, like Annie, she isn't great academically (which her …

  • Ashley Lewis

    Ashley is confident and charismatic, although that masks frequent insecurity. As a child, she was bullied for her weight; as a teenager, she and her friends have smacked down every attempt at repeating that, but she still feels like she has to be twice as …

  • Jason "JJ" Johnson

    Jason's dad is a lawyer who has never left NorCal; his mother is a nurse at the Rockaway hospital. He has an [[Johnson family | older sister]], Lori, who was the valedictorian and is now a rising academic star at Stanford. The Johnsons are a pretty …