Jason "JJ" Johnson

Jock in over his head


Jason’s dad is a lawyer who has never left NorCal; his mother is a nurse at the Rockaway hospital. He has an older sister, Lori, who was the valedictorian and is now a rising academic star at Stanford. The Johnsons are a pretty typical all-American suburban nuclear family, except that his mom’s family is originally from Goa, India, and the football championships and public service has never changed the dirty or confused looks the Johnsons get. It bothers Jason, but he’d never say so.

Jason has been dating Annie Fisher since she was a freshman and he a sophomore; they grew up down the street from each other, but only really got to know each other when she joined the cheerleading squad and started coming to the games. Jason is pretty happy with Annie, though he’s planning to break up with her whenever he heads to college…if he goes.

Anthony Ramirez — teammate, buds

Jason "JJ" Johnson

Rockaway, CA fiercefully